KHUYAQ in Quechua* means love, a company’s brand is founded on a passion and an immense admiration we feel for the exceptional talent of our Peruvian artisans.

Masters of creativity, living proof of our history, heirs to a millennial tradition.

Our dream and main goal is to reach the isolated people of the Andes by working with indigenous’ Associations of Artisans “and to build up a mutual bond.

In this way we, as artists,Peruvians and above all as socially conscious people ideas and designs provide carried out with respect for centuries-old techniques in embroidery,

dyeing and weaving by hand or pedal, using natural Peruvian fibers and shades as feedstock .

Creativity, art, feeling and tradition go hand in founding KHUYAQ.


The language Quechua is spoken by about 13 million people. Quechua was the main language of the Inca Empire (Tawantinsuyu) in the 15th and 16th centuries.



Pure Baby Alpaca clothes & accessories handmade. KHUYAQ webshop. Follow us via Social Media, via Neuwsletter or via the Markets & events in our agenda.

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